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Balston 压缩空气微生物监测单元(CAMTU)


Balston Compressed air is used in a broad range of applications in the food processing industry, such as mixing of ingredients, cutting, sparging, drying of product, transporting/propelling product through processing systems and packaging of final product.

In many of these applications, compressed air is in direct contact or indirect contact with food product. The impurities in the compressed air may contaminate the food product which can result in change of color and taste, reduced shelf life, in addition to exposure to bacteria and other micro-organisms, can result in product recalls. Compressed air is warm, dark and contains moisture which is the ideal environment to promote the production of microbes. These microbes migrate through the entire compressed air system and are released at exit points, critical areas that food, packaging or surface areas come in direct contact.


Recently, Safe Quality Foods (SQF) released a 7th edition amendment in sections 10.5.7 and 11.7.5 stating, compressed air used in the manufacturing process shall be clean and present no risk to food safety. Others have also identified compressed air as a source of contamination and risk to food safety.

The Parker CAMTU detection device allows food safety personnel to quickly and easily test for contamination present in compressed air supplies that come in direct contact with food product or food packaging/processing equipment. The CAMTU is portable, weighing less than one pound, and is supplied with connection tubing, shut off valve, pressure regulator, and metering orifice.

How to Test Compressed Air for Microbial ContaminationCAMTU Video


  • Lightweight and ergonomically designed for ease of use
  • Constructed of durable polypropylene - easily sanitized
  • Pre-filled petri dishes with specialized tryptic soy agar designed to hold up to compressed air flow/pressure
  • 无需供电,不插电工作
  • No refrigeration required for the petri dishes – 300 day shelf life
  • 快速样品气体测试结果-20S
  • Complete kit with connection tubing, pressure regulator/metering orifice, shut off valve, timer and petri dishes

Comparison of the Compressed Air Microbial Testing Unit (CAMTU)Comparison of the Compressed Air Microbial Testing Unit (CAMTU)
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Series EA, Antimicrobial Tubing Parker Series EA, Antimicrobial Tubing (368 KB)

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