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Balston High Efficiency Liquid Filters 高效液体过滤器(含滤芯)


Balston High Efficiency Liquid Filters offer graded efficiency cartridges where the filtration efficiency increases from the inside surface to the outside surface in the direction of the flow. This type of construction provides exceptionally high solids holding capacity, which translates into a longer life of the filter cartrige.

Seven retention efficiency grades are offered covering ranges from 75 micron to 0.22 micron. The filter cartridges may be used for fine filtration of liquids with a heavy dirt loading, when chemical or solvent resistance is required, or as prefilters to ultra-high efficiency or membrane filtration applications.

Features & Benefits

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订货号 接口尺寸  流量 过滤精度 压力 壳体材料 密封材质 适用介质 类型
57-501-C 3/4" NPT 15gpm 80μ 150psig 聚丙烯|SAN 丁腈橡胶 T型旋转式
57-501-F 3/4" NPT 10gpm 30μ 150psig 聚丙烯|SAN 丁腈橡胶 T型旋转式
57-501-M 3/4" NPT 8gpm 50.1μ 150psig 聚丙烯|SAN 丁腈橡胶 T型旋转式

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